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Hot Check Division Contacts
Debbie Lam, Hot Check Clerk
Phone: 325.659.6562
D. Lam

Robert Martinez, Investigator
Phone: 325.659.6562

County Attorney Hot Check Division
The County Attorney's Office is continually striving to provide an efficient and high quality service when it comes to the collection and prosecution of returned checks. We attempt collection of the face value of the check as well as a $30.00 merchant fee. If collection is unsuccessful, after initial letters, and proper identification is provided on the check, we will file theft (or issuance of bad check) charges against the check writers. In every instance, we strive to provide fast, efficient turn-around in returning your money to you.

1. We will send an initial courtesy letter to check writers.

2. If necessary, we will send the "demand" letter required by law via certified mail to the check-writer.

3. Upon payment by the check-writer, we will reimburse the merchant the full amount of the restitution (amount of the check), PLUS your merchant fee (typically $30.00 less the cost of the certified letter).

4. If payment is not made, we will file a criminal charge against the check writer for checks between the amounts of $100.00 - $2,500.00.

5. Checks under $100.00 will be prosecuted in the Justice Courts. Checks above $2,500.00 will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

6. Upon successful prosecution, payment of restitution will be made a condition of probation in appropriate cases.

Requirements to submit a hot check for collection:

1. Need to submit the original check (or photo from bank if that is what bank returned).

2. Need to submit information on the check passer:

* Name and Address of person who passed the check

* Driver's license number and date of birth of person who passed the check

* Telephone number of person who passed the check

3. Need to submit a completed WORTHLESS CHECK FORM

4. This office can only prosecute checks that are returned from the bank stamped "NSF" or "ACCOUNT CLOSED". If you have a check that has been returned from the bank for another reason please contact our office to discuss it further.

5. If you receive a returned check that was marked "FORGERY" or "SIGNATURE IRREGULAR", please contact your local law enforcement agency for investigation.