Environmental Health

Pam Weishuhn, RS, CFM
Sr. Environmental Specialist Designative Representative, Site Evaluator
Email: pam.weishuhn@co.tom-green.tx.us

What We Do:
Septic Systems Permits and Inspections
We enforce the TCEQ state regulations on On-Site Storage Facilities (OSSF).  We have an OSSF ordinance that gives us the authority to enforce the TCEQ rules.  The main goal is that if the septic system is sized right and has all the right components according to the type of soil that is in place, then the ground water will not be contaminated.

Subdivision Reviews
We review lot sizes and locations with regards to septic systems and floodplain issues.  Authority is derived from Local Government code and chapt 285 TCEQ.

Floodplain Permits
We regulate new development and substantial improvements in the regulated, mapped floodplains.  Tom Green County is in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP.)  We have flood maps and determine how high someone has to elevate new construction and how to floodproof non-residential development.  Authority is from FEMA flood damage prevention ordinance.  Regulations are in CFR 44.  The main goal is to prevent damage to structures and prevent human loss by building porperly in floodplains.  Saves lives, minimize property damages.  

Food Establishment Inspections
We permit and inspect food establishments.  This includes restaurants, schools, convenience stores, day cares, temporary events and bars.  Authority is from the Health and Safety code.  The rules are TFER (25 TAC chapter 229.)  The main goal is to protect the public from food borne illnesses through proper handling of food products.

Nuisance or Sewage Complaints
We investigate sewage complaints on failed septic systems or illegal systems.  Authority is through the Health and Safety code and TCEQ regulations.  The main goal is to protect the groundwater from improperly sized or treated sewage systems and to eliminate human exposure to untreated sewage.
Location & Contact Information
Edd B. Keyes Building, 1st Floor
113 W Beauregard Ave.
San Angelo, Texas 76903

Office: 325-658-1038
Fax: 325-659-5441